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The goal with this project, is to build a fairly realistic replica of an advanced airliner, with the inspiration of a great jet-airliner, like the Boeing 737NG. The timeline for this project is, approximately 10 years or maybe more...

NEW purchase for the DAXSim!

ProgressPosted by Jesper Fuglsang Nielsen 06 Sep, 2008 16:47:42
Our newest update on the DAXSim, is one FlyEngravity FMC/CDU, and a Landing Gear Lever also from Engravity!

A major maitenance, in form of formatting the Simulator PC is undergoing at the moment. The new equipment will be in place witin a few days time.

Here's the beautiful Engravity FMC/CDU:
Blog Image-And here's the Landing Gear Lever, also from Engravity:
Blog Image

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